Eyesore of the week

By Karen Cassidy

Building: 1311 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Lansing

Owner: John Trumble

Taxpayer: John Trumble

Assessed: $21,200

Owner: Currently unavailable for comment

Across from Russett Park near the corner of Willow Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard is a oneblock street that has various small houses in generally good condition. But the first house on the block is a small, dingy, paint-chipped white house. The windows on the side of the house have been boarded up, as well as one of the front windows. The other front window remains untouched except for a red tag from the City of Lansing that deems the house “unsafe” and cautions not to enter. Above the tag is an apparently incorrect sign informing all who view it that a bank represented by an East Lansing real estate company owns the house. (When the company was contacted, it said it had no knowledge of the house.)

A carpet of old leaves and twigs covers the pathway up to the small house. Further down the door it looks as though the original lock was kicked in or destroyed, replaced by a shiny silver padlock. The wood around the bottom of the door shows signs of water damage and decay, making one wonder how bad the interior looks. Chipping white paint on the wood siding and litter strewn about the yard suggests that it has been a long time since anyone has put any care into the house.

While walking away from the property, a city worker toiling nearby jokingly yelled that he would sell the house to this reporter for $20, which is probably not worth the trouble.

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