Ad busters

By Nick Robinson

Another round of anti-war billboards is set for the Lansing area.

The group responsible for a series of billboards that sprouted up last year decrying the war in Iraq is preparing another wave, which will pop up around town for a four-week stretch starting March 30.

The Greater Lansing Network Against War and Injustice is sponsoring the billboards, but Judith Bridger, the group’s treasurer, doesn’t yet know the exact locations where the billboards will go. The group has worked out locations with Adams Outdoor Advertising and will fill five of the company’s vacant billboards, Bridger said. The group will rent the billboards to GLNAWI at a discounted price.

Bridger has set up a page on ThePoint. com to help raise money for the billboards, and the organization is about halfway toward reaching its goal.

Bridger is surprised at how many people have helped out.

“We’re not a nonprofit because we are too political,” she explains, “but people are still willing to give money without the tax deduction. For the last set of billboards, one person donated $500, but the average donation is about $20.” Bridger says the group will probably do another four-week round of billboards later in the year. After that, future billboard campaigns will depend on how much interest the group can generate and how much money can be raised.

“We’re going to keep running as long as people are interested,” she says. “We don’t have a cut off date.”