Eyesore of the week

By Nick Robinson

Location: 530 N. Jenison Ave., Lansing
Owner: Kurt J. Boegner
Taxpayer: Kurt J. Boegner
Assessed: $55,400
Owner says: Unable to be reached for comment

This week’s eyesore is a sad symbol of happy days gone. What was once an idyllic symbol of the American dream has been red-tagged since September 2007.

There are a couple windows boarded up, and the screens have been popped out of those that aren’t; wherever there’s paint, it’s peeling. But the worst is the rear of the house. Chunks of drywall are missing from a garage and there’s a makeshift cabinet with Matchbox cars for knobs. Outside, an abandoned sandbox sits next to a cage that could have held the family pet. There’s even a white picket fence surrounding the yard. What could have been a happy home for your typical nuclear family is now just depressing.

But there is a glimmer of hope for this residence. A neighbor said that a new owner purchased it last July and plans to restore the home.

At first, it’s hard to understand why it would be red-tagged in the first place, but in the back there may be a clue: The home was apparently at one point protected by Wolverine Security, or so a sticker proclaims. The owners would have been better off if it were protected by Spartans.

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