Eyesore of the week

By Neal McNamara

Building: Backstop at Wilson Park
Owner: City of Lansing
Taxpayer: City of Lansing
Assessed value: ?
Owner says: Didn’t return a request for comment

Do you remember that movie “The Sandlot,” where a bunch of ragtag kids played baseball all summer at the titular ragtag back-alley baseball field?

Yeah? Well we think that even the kids from that movie would turn down playing ball near this thing, up in northwest Lansing near where Waverly Road and Wilson Avenue intersect.

We received a tip on this eyesore from someone who lives near this creepy, Medieval-looking relic. We expected to maybe find some obscene graffiti or a few tears in the chain link fence, but not such a sad desecration of America’s pastime.

It appears that the earth has reclaimed the actual baseball field. On a recent day, the area that used to be the third base line was under about 5 inches of water. This backstop stands guard over the field, its frayed chain links flapping in the wind. The few boards left at the bottom of the backstop are on the brink of collapse — if someone did play ball here, an errant fastball could probably take this entire thing down.

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