By City Pulse Staff


What do a monster plant, a well-balanced musician and James Joyce have in common? When people start asking questions like that in Lansing, you can bet it’s probably time for City Pulse’s Annual Pulsar Awards Dinner to honor the best in local theater. This year’s bash and trophy handout session is schedule for June 8 (see ad on Page 3 for details). But first, a word about our nominees. Judges Erin Buitendorp, Mary C. Cusack, Kathy Helma, Tom Helma, Yana Levovna, Jaime Parades and Ute von der Heyden took in more than 40 shows by 10 local theater companies, starting with the student stagings of MSU’s Summer Circle last June and concluding with BoarsHead Theater’s star-powered “The Glass Mengarie,” which closes this weekend. Three judges were randomly chosen to evaluate each production, scoring the acting, directing and technical aspects of each show. The scores have been calculated, and these are the nominees for the 2009 Pulsar Awards.

Experiment with an Air Pump” (LCC) “The Clean House” (PC) “Permanent
Collection” (BH) “Talley’s Folly”(WT) “Under Milk Wood” (RW)

MUSICAL “The Dead” (RW) “Fiddler on the Roof” (LCP) “Hymn & Carol” (BH) “Little Shop of Horrors” (RW) “Urinetown” (HDCP)

Badgero – “The Clean House (PC) Bob Gras & Judy Barber- “Under
Milkwood (RW) Lela Ivey – “Some Girls” (PC) John Lepard – “Talley’s
Folly” (WT) Kristine Thatcher – “Permanent Collection” (BH)

Banghart -“Little Shop of Horrors” (RW) Mary Job - “The Dead” (RW) Dan
Pappas - “Fiddler on the Roof” (LCP) Kelly Stuible -“Urinetown” (HDCP)
Kristine Thatcher -“Hymn & Carol” (BH)

Maine” (MSU) “Balm in Gilead” (LCC) “Far Away” & “This is a Chair”
(MSU) “Improv-able Lives” (LPH) “Under Milkwood” (RW)

ENSEMBLE – MUSICAL “The Dead” (RW) “Forbidden Broadway” (BH) “Hymn & Carol” (BH)

LEAD ACTOR – PLAY Bob Gras – “The Substance of Fire” (RW) Alan Bomar Jones – “Permanent Collection” (BH) Michael Joseph Mitchell – “Permanent Collection” (BH) Alec Nagy – “An Experiment with an Air Pump” (LCC) Wayne David Parker – “Talley’s Folly” (WT)

LEAD ACTOR – MUSICAL Rusty Broughton – “Cabaret” (MSU) Joe Quick – “Little Shop of Horrors” (RW) Charles Slocum – “Fiddler on the Roof” (LCP) Michael Zamora – “Urinetown” (HDCP) Sam Zikakis – “Tick … Tick … BOOM!” (PC)

LEAD ACTRESS – PLAY Carmen Decker – “Driving Miss Daisy” (BH) Yana Levovna – “The Clean House” (PC) Kate Peckham – “Talley’s Folly” (WT) Emily Sutton-Smith – “The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds” (WT) Amy Winchell – “A Doll’s House” (IF)

LEAD ACTRESS – MUSICAL Jennifer Shafer – “Cabaret” (MSU) Patricia Smyka – “Little Shop of Horrors” (RW) Barbara Stauffer – “Fiddler on the Roof” (LCP) Danielle Weller – “Urinetown” (HDCP)

SUPPORTING ACTOR – PLAY J’esse Deardorf-Green – “An Experiment With an Air Pump” (LCC) Ian Griffin – “The Substance of Fire” (RW) Michael Hays – “A Doll’s House” (IF) Hugh Maguire – “Leaving Iowa” (WT) Daryl Thompson – “The Glass Menagerie” (BH)

SUPPORTING ACTOR - MUSICAL Monty Bieber – “Urinetown” (HDCP) Drew Fifield – “Tick … tick … BOOM!” (PC) David Sincox – “Fiddler on the Roof” (LCP) Mark Zussman – “Little Shop of Horrors” (RW)

SUPPORTING ACTRESS - PLAY Natasha DeSenna Fernandes – “An Experiment With an Air Pump” (LCC) Gini Larson – “The Clean House” (PC) Monica Sanders – “Permanent Collection” (BH) Kathryn Renaldi-Smith – “An Experiment With an Air Pump” (LCC) Kellyn Uhl – “The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the- Moon Marigolds” (WT) BOOM! (PC) Bill Henson – “The Dead” (RW) Clara Powers – “Fiddler on Thomas Schraeder – “An Experiment With an Air Pump” (LCC) the Roof” (LCP) John Dale Smith – “Hymn & Carol” (BH) Scott Stearns – “Urinetown” (HDCP)

SUPPORTING ACTRESS - MUSICAL Donna Green – “Urinetown” (HDCP) Jocelyn Scofield – “Tick … tick … BOOM!” (PC) Candance Stanfield – “Little Shop of Horrors” (RW)

FEATURED ACTOR – PLAY Bruce Bennett – “Leaving Iowa” (WT) Adam Bright – “A Doll’s House” (IF) David G.B. Brown – “An Experiment With an Air Pump” (LCC) Matt Hollerbach – “Panache” (WT) Gary Houston – “Permanent Collection” (BH)

FEATORED ACTOR - MUSICAL Chad Dekatch – “Little Shop of Horrors” (RW) Edric Haleen – “Urinetown” (HDCP)

FEATURED ACTRESS - PLAY Sara Blossom – “The Clean House” (PC) Laura Croff – “The Sunshine Boys” (LCP) Ariel Ojibway – “An Experiment With an Air Pump” (LCC) Gloria Vivalda – “The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-inthe-Moon Marigolds” (WT) Jane Zussman – “The Clean House” (PC)

FEATURED ACTRESS - MUSICAL Ann Glenn – “Urinetown” (HDCP) Shantel Hamilton – “Little Shop of Horrors” (RW)

MUSIC DIRECTOR Dan Alt – “Tick … Tick … BOOM! (PC) Bill Henson- "The Dead" (RW) Clara Powers- "Fiddler on the Roof" (LCP) John Dale Smith- "Hymm & Carol" (BH) Scott Stearns- "Urinetown" (HDCP)

CHOREOGRAPHY Roberta Otten – “The Dead” (RW) Karyn Perry - “Hymn & Carol” (BH) Mark Ruhala – “Cabaret” (MSU) Elizabeth Todd – “Fiddler on the Roof” (LCP) Nicki Zenker  & Karyn Perry – “Urinetown” (HDCP)

LIGHTING Kristina Miller – “Far Away” & “This is a Chair” (MSU) Ted Rhyner – “Almost, Maine” (MSU) Ted Rhyner – “Permanent Collection” (BH) Thomas Schraeder – “An Experiment with an Air Pump” (LCC) Jeremy Winchester – “Talley’s Folly” (WT)

SOUND Joe Dickson – “Under Milk Wood” (RW) Andy Callis – “An Experiment with an Air Pump” (LCC) Sergei Kvitko – “Driving Miss Daisy” (BH) Sergei Kvitko – “The Glass Menagerie” (BH) Sergei Kvitko – “Permanent Collection” (BH)

SET DESIGN Bart Bauer – “Talley’s Folly” (WT) Fred Engelgau – “The Clean House” (PC) Gwen Lindsay – “Cabaret” (MSU) Justin A. Miller – “Hedda Gabler” (MSU)

PROPS John Lepard – “Talley’s Folly” (WT) Christy Pierce – “An Experiment With an Air Pump” (LCP) Melody Teodoro-Kurtis and Ray Kurtis – “The Dead” (RW) Patricia A. York – “Permanent Collection” (BH) Patricia A. York – “All Childish Things” (BH)

COSTUMES Lark Burger – “The Dead” (RW) Charlotte Deardorff – “An Experiment with an Air Pump” (LCC) Amber Marisa Cook – “Hedda Gabler” (MSU) Skip Panek – “The Clean House” (PC) Holly Speers – “Permanent Collection” (BH)

Theater Key BH = BoarsHead Theater
= Holt Dimondale Community Players
IF = Icarus Falling
= Lansing Community College Theater Department
LCP = Lansing Civic Players
LPH = Ledges Playhouse
MSU = Michigan State University Theatre Department
PC = Peppermint Creek Theatre Co.
= Riverwalk Theatre
WT = Williamston Theatre