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Keep Bernero

I relocated here last November from China. I have lived in several cities in Asia and Europe and I am a new resident in Lansing. I feel Lansing is the warmest home with hospitable neighborhoods. We also have a motivating, influential leader: our mayor, Virg Bernero, who has been working for economic growth in the city.

What he is doing shows me that Lansing is a city full of hope and chance. I hope that we keep Virg because I believe he will create more job opportunities and give us a safer, greener home. Thanks to his efforts, the Accident Fund is setting up its headquarters in downtown Lansing. He is devoting his effort to create a competitive advantage for our city, attract economic activity and create economic diversity. For Lansing’s splendid future, we need a leader to take responsibility for designing Lansing’s economic future and create new business and job opportunities for local residents. I definitely support Virg; he is the person to fight for Lansing in the next four years.

— Shirley Xiao Tao Lai-Saylor Lansing

Nay on executive pay at Delta Dental

Mr. McNamara’s article (July 1) on Delta Dental’s financials, corporate relations and relatives, revenues, etc. was most informative. I hope there will be more follow up. The rewards for top executives, under today’s horrible economics, are unconscionable. Thank you for such meaningful reporting. There’s got to be more ridiculous activity to be discovered as more rocks are turned over.

— Richard Abood Lansing

I just hope that the people that were laid off can heal. I’m sure it would be hard not to take this personally and start wondering if they could have done anything different. Or do the simple “why me?” Do they have contracting resources that could have been let go instead of their own longterm people? Delta Dental is truly showing where its loyalty lies — and that would be deep in its own pockets. Thought the company had better ethics. My bad.

— Gaping in Amazement


It is remarkable Delta Dental’s executives can sleep at night. The egregious disparity seems to be lost on them. It appears lining their own pockets is more important than supporting the people who made the company what it is. While they fire long-term employees and reduce benefits to those they keep, they shamelessly fail to give up anything.

It’s unfortunate such arrogant and selfserving individuals can rise to positions of authority in a corporation. No offers of giving up one penny from them, but they need concessions and layoffs in order to keep living the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. There are words to describe such selfish, self-centered individuals, but they are inappropriate for this forum.

— Disgusted


Shame on Delta Dental’s executive officers! They must have seen the writing on the wall: the breakdown of General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC. And, the fact they made up such a high percent of Delta Dental’s business. You could not have told me that they didn’t realize the impact this would have on the company and it was in trouble. But worse yet — to treat the staff members that built Delta Dental to the enterprise that it is today with such disrespect is unbelievable! Earnings of $4.1 and $1.1 million for a couple of their top executives? A simple salary reduction may have been enough to save several employees the humility of having to tell their families they no longer have a job. Let alone the stress of trying to figure out how to make ends meet.

So when these executives drive to their homes in their BMWs, they need to realize the impact their latest decision had on so many lives.

— Shell Shocked


Remembering Kluge Your "Thoughts on Len Kluge" (Tom Helma, July 1) was right on. Len and I worked together at Spotlight Theatre and I was in his actors’ workshop for several years. We were never close, but I believe we had respect for each other. I agree with you that, like you, he made a difference in my life. I’m a much better actor because of him. And yes, he did it his way, on his terms. Wonderful piece, Tom. As Len would say, “A most sincere bravo.”

— BanksJ


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