By Readers

Eye candy a hit

I cannot relay my elation upon opening the City Pulse this week and seeing "Eye candy"! Thank you. Finally, something uplifting, inspiring and a contribution to the city. Maybe "Eye candy" will encourage folks to take pride in their homes and find a way to come together as a community to improve neighborhoods.

What a delightful surprise to open the Pulse to something new. Good work!

— Emily Hannewald Lansing

Thank you for deciding to do this. Lansing has so many beautiful properties. I’m so glad to see City Pulse recognizing those who are going above and beyond the basics to make their home and/or business look wonderful. This kind of positive thinking motivates others to do more and try harder.

Showcasing unique landscaping and stylish decorating can even give other people ideas. Lansing needs more pretty — when you travel to other mid-sized cities you realize how much more pretty we need. But we have to start somewhere, and showcasing our assets is a great way to do it.

— Jessica Yorko Lansing

‘Alls Well’ review doesn’t sit well

If you want your opinion to be credible you need to support it with facts of the subject’s predecessors. Simply declaring your opinion supported by only your own opinion demonstrates a pompous toddler crying wolf consumed with a high opinion of yourself. Thank God for the negative publicity because unbeknownst you, the rest of the world is free to develop their own opinion and scrutinize yours.

— Hmender From

Part of the reason I don’t normally read community theater reviews is because I often can’t stand the condescending attitude of the reviewers. I chose to read this one because I know several people involved with this show.

I think Wozniak’s review, whether accurate or not, does a great disservice not only to the show’s participants, but to the community in general. This is a community theater production and a free one to boot. No one goes to community theater thinking that they’re going to get award-winning quality. They’re going to spend an evening outdoors and to be entertained.

We’re lucky to have the amount of community theater in a city of this size. To have theater productions that are free is an even bigger bonus. It may afford youth or others an opportunity to check out a Shakespeare play that they otherwise might not be able to due to finances. To write an article trashing the volunteer actors and directors of such a production is just elitist.

Give these people some credit. They are doing what they love free for our community. I think that deserves at least some due consideration. Although it may have tried your patience, it may have also inspired several audience members to pick up a Shakespeare play at the library or to try out and audition for a play at their school. After all, besides entertainment, I believe community theater is meant to serve that purpose as well — not as an outlet to unleash your unfair and elitist critiques.

— Chris From

Some don’t like “complete streets”

“Who would not agree that an effort to make Lansing streets safer and more accessible for walkers and bikers is good?”

You would be surprised. East Lansing wanted public input about putting bike lanes on Harrison Road between Saginaw and Lake Lansing Road. I watched in amazement as some officer of a major bicycle association opposed this because, she said, when she wants to go somewhere like Meijer in a car, she wants to get there as fast as she can and not be slowed down by bike lanes.

Bill Sharp did everything he could do to delay a vote on the measure, and though it finally passed, city officials now deny, like, six years later, that the vote ever took place and that they have “other priorities than re-striping Harrison”— probably like planting flowers around Glencairn, or repaving Burcham again for that “sharp, fresh look.”

— Torrance From

Soft serve test helpful

Thanks for the Aug. 5 article on area softserve. You ended up pushing us over the edge to try Cones and Bones.

Somehow, you missed Dairy Dan’s on South Cedar, just north from Willoughby Road. Good soft serve, including frozen yogurt — worth a test, for sure. My personal review would score them a 4: fairly expensive, but good quality.

— Tom Stanton Lansing