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Woodstock memories welcome

Congratulations to Bill Castanier on an outstanding retrospective on Woodstock. I was 16 at the time in East Lansing and only knew about it from watching brief segments on "The CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite." Looking forward to watching The History Channel look back on Woodstock on Aug. 17.

— Gary Mescher From

Thanks for this great article Bill, and thanks for helping us relive a very unique and remarkable experience. Can hardly believe it was 40 years ago!

— Sandy Soifer From

What a difference a day is — actually 14,600 days. Who would have guessed 40 years ago that those who went to Woodstock would become part of the over age 30 crowd that couldn’t be trusted — grandparents even? I always smile when someone reveals that they attended Woodstock. I try to imagine that person lo those many years ago. Thanks for the memory of our music and our youth and thanks for the pictures of the poster. Thanks for the story, Bill Castanier. And thanks for the smile.

— Stephanie Whitbeck From

Agree with Mediteran review

Absolutely amazing dining. I dare you to find another restaurant in the downtown area that has food of their quality at their prices. Go for their lunch specials and call ahead for a reservation or forget about getting in!

I promise you, you will be stuffed and you will have extra money in your pocket.

— Justin From

Everytime I visit the restaurant I have a new favorite! I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to try a different place to eat out. While you’re there try a dessert, they are to die for.

— Alicia Armstrong From

Beleives in Bernero

With the election coming up in a few short months, I’m sure many of you are trying to decide whom to support in the mayoral election.

The way I see it, Mayor Virg Bernero has only been in office a few short years but has already made such a difference in protecting our communities and our payrolls. Not only has he fought against raising taxes, but he’s added police officers in order to protect our neighborhoods.

He’s been a great leader thus far and with four more years he would have the chance to accomplish even more for Lansing. I know Virg will be getting my vote.

— Natasha Hunter

On reviews, in general

A gentle reminder to those that commented, all theaters have the choice to be reviewed. Any theater in the Greater Lansing area has the ability to opt out of being reviewed by all print and online media. If they do not exercise this choice, then they are subject to criticism be it positive or negative.

— Citypulsereader From

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