Eye Candy! Of the week

By Drew Winter

Address: 1525 Osborn Road, Lansing
Owner: Rodney J Lambert & Danielle Casavant Lambert
Taxpayer: Rodney J Lambert & Danielle Casavant Lambert
Assessed value: $62,800

The only thing better than a craftsman home is craftsmanship in a home, and this eye candy stands as a testament to that.

Once a putrid shanty of hoarded materials and — reportedly — mouse feces, the current owners have spent years renovating this cottage to make it a standout home, doing much of the work themselves.

The cozy abode has a clean, vibrant and calm yellow exterior. Lush vegetation surrounds the front-yard tree, and the square porch lamp is the cherry on top of this home’s creamy architecture. By far the most eye-catching, though, is the thatched roof that took the couple two years to build by hand.

“When they got the house it was completely trashed. And they just worked on it and worked on it,” neighbor Rosemary Rupert said.

She has lived in the house next door since 1993, when the previous owner had let the house severely decline.

“They did a tremendous job.”

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