Back to School Guide

By City Pulse Staff

Back to School Guide

Congratulations! You’re in college. Whether it’s your first year or your fifth, you still don’t have to worry about the working world for at least one more semester.

We heard Welcome Week was shortened up this year, so here’s our alternative in paper form (you can also find it online at

It’s your guide on everything you’ll need outside of the classroom, from where to study to where the good punk shows are to where to sign up for whatever organization best suits your everdeveloping radical ideology of the moment.

We’ve also included some local restaurant listings and a directory of where to find all the stuff students need (or just want) to have an enjoyable life.

So go on, take a study break. The semester is young, and that due date’s not getting any closer. This newspaper, on the other hand, could biodegrade at any second