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Upset at health care reform ‘lies’

As a Medicare beneficiary, I have been dismayed and distressed by the outrageous lies and deliberate misinformation that health care reform opponents are using to derail efforts to provide health care for all citizens of this country.

Medicare is a government program for senior citizens paid by employers and employees and monthly deductions from Social Security checks.

Medicare allows me to choose my physician, to sign a living will declaration, and to register with the Gift of Life. My living will states if I am in an incurable or irreversible condition, I do not want treatment to prolong my life.

— Mary Celia Tuttle From

Liked last week’s Pulse

I loved this weeks City Pulse. Im still in the process of reading it — a veritable occasion for me. But the first thing that delighted was the treat of two pieces by Lawrence Cosentino. The garage demolition story was an instant wow, this is good reaction, and now Ive found the symphony piece.

I have also enjoyed the Riverwalk Theatre story; its terrific of you to cover the completion of its new space. Thanks, too, for bringing back "Eyesore of the Week," and for the new City Council format. Ive always liked your paper, and now its even better.

— Addiann Hinds Lansing

Blood drive a success

On Sept. 11, the American Red Cross and Michigan International Speedway held the 8th annual Spirit of America Blood Drive at the Speedway. We are proud to announce that this year’s event was the biggest yet.

The American Red Cross was able to collect 1,297 pints of blood this year, surpassing last year’s event by more than 150 units. Since its inception in 2002, the Spirit of America Blood Drive has grown into one of the largest Sept. 11 blood drives in the nation, collecting more than 15,000 units of blood in its 8 year history. Potentially 45,000 lives have been saved thanks to the generosity of our blood donors.

We are honored to hold this event every year to pay tribute to the victims and survivors of the 2001 terrorist attacks. This event, as in years past, was a tremendous event and we thank all of the individuals who volunteered and who came out to donate blood.

We do encourage all participants and donors of this year’s event to remember to plan for next year. In addition, if you were not eligible to donate at the Spirit of America Blood Drive but would like to donate blood, visit to find a blood drive near you and call 1-800-GIVE- LIFE to make an appointment.

This year’s event was extra special thanks to a partnership with Be the Match Registry — a national marrow donor program — and Gift of Life Michigan. More than 70 individuals signed up for the marrow donor program, and more than 125 visitors signed up for Gift of Life Michigan.

Every year we are reminded that the Spirit of America drive is so much more than a blood drive. We are so proud that so many people came out to honor our nation’s heroes and became heroes themselves.

— Monica Stoneking American Red Cross Lansing