By Readers


Liked McKowen cover story

Thanks to City Pulse and Bill Castanier for the great piece on illustrator Scott McKowen.

I proudly possess an early Wharton Center poster that McKowen did when his father, Frank, was director of a mens choral group that had a Wharton performance around 1982. The poster McKowen made was a wonderful double entendre: a clear outline of Michigans lower peninsula (sorry, Yoopers), which was also clearly a caricature of his father. At that time, Frank was also the choral director of the choir at Christ United Methodist Church, where I was a member.

The poster has hung proudly in my condominium in Petoskey the past 26 years.

— Steve Dougan Holt

Responding to Bernero question

I would like to submit this letter to the editor in response to the article titled "More officials love Virg, but do you?" (City Pulse, Sept. 16.)

I think that the column was right in that this election is about Mayor Virg Bernero. I would say, though, that your accusations of Virgs shortcomings are laughable. A bull in a china shop? If that is how you view the city, well then, perhaps a few broken plates are in order.

Come November, what really matters is that Mayor Bernero takes a stand when it is needed. Anyone who has had the pleasure of watching him on FOX or CNN has been witness to the passion that he has for Lansing and the autoworkers and his willingness to take on naysayers who refuse to see the importance of manufacturing.

Whereas (challenger At-Large Councilwoman Carol) Wood and her wishy-washy statements continue to leave voters with no idea of her actual platform, Mayor Bernero has been building a strong foundation in Lansing over the past few years and is in no way slowing down. That is what this election is about.

— Allison Perry Lansing

Supporting Thomas Morgan for LCC board

Its good to see my friend Thomas Morgan running for the Lansing Community College board of trustees. Morgan built quite the reputation throughout the Lansing area as a thoughtful and fair reporter during his time as managing editor of City Pulse, and that thoughtfulness and fairness will be a great asset to LCC, especially during these challenging economic times.

In his column a few weeks ago, Kyle Melinn quoted Morgan as saying, "Lansing Community College will play a critical role in rebuilding our economy and preparing students for the job market, and as a trustee I will fight every day to ensure every person in Mid-Michigan has access to an affordable, quality education." I couldnt agree more. Morgan has his priorities in order, and Ill be enthusiastically supporting him for the LCC Board on Nov. 3.

— Derek Dobies Lansing

Remembering Wesson case

Marcus Wesson is no one you want to meet (“Double Jeopardy” from the Sept. 9 City Pulse). He fathered 17 children, some with nieces and daughters of his. He then either directly or indirectly murdered nine of them, ages one to 25. He was sentenced to death. After the trial, his wife, Elizabeth Wesson, was taken in by a reporter, Alysia Sofios, along with two of her daughters and a niece, and helped them get back on their feet. They later repaid the favor by rehabilitating Sofios after a head injury in a car crash. Sofios wrote a book about her experience called “Where Hope Begins,” which was just released. A lot of people would like to see a Marcus Wesson D.O.E. (date of execution) come through soon.

— DayanaR From