By Readers

Didn’t like ‘Turn it Down’

I had never felt compelled to write a letter to the editor until I read Rich Tupica’s Turn It Down column from two weeks ago.

I don’t understand how this was allowed to be printed. It reads like a Livejournal post of an angst-ridden adolescent sitting under bedroom posters of his punk rock demigods.

These tired words bemoaning the loss of “real” music can’t possibly still be considered newsworthy, not to mention the nerve of putting this under the banner, "A survey of Lansing’s music scene."

This column has consistently been a survey of Lansing’s hard rock scene, which is certainly print-worthy, but is not enough. Having a City Pulse column is a great privilege with the opportunity to reach thousands of people. Surely Tupica and the editing staff can think of better ways to use this space to promote local music appreciation as it was intended.

— Phillip Leslie East Lansing

’Shock’ over endorsement

I am shocked at the City Pulse endorsement of Virg Bernero and his antics. We can have progress without this much pain!

Professional community economic developers know that it doesn’t always matter where you end up, it’s often more about how you get there. Progress is about building community, not just buildings. It does no good to build towers and try to attract the “creative class” — when our mayor has created a work climate where the best and brightest employees want to get the heck out of Lansing — where neighbors in my highly educated neighborhood are so frustrated at the lack of response from city admin istration that they want to sell their houses.

I believe Carol Wood can get us to the same or better economic development goals as Bernero. However, her civil process of getting us there will allow us to celebrate those accomplishments as a community. Community and economic development practitioners abide by several principles, one of which is to not only honor citizen involvement, but to foster it. But we have failed to endorse or live up to those principles. Lansing is not one of the 93 communities in Michigan who have signed on to these ethical standards ( principles.asp).

We need someone of Wood’s reputation for problem solving and negotiation to help us build bridges with our school district and with our regional partners.

— Melissa From