The worst kind

By Susan W. Woods

“The Fourth Kind” is a sham of a movie about alien abduction, which is defined as the fourth kind of encounter with aliens. This topic has its detractors, because little hard evidence exists, except for personal testimonies by people claiming to have seen UFOs or have been abducted. Therefore, when actress Milla Jovovich (“Resident Evil,” “The Fifth Element”) appears on screen at the beginning and says in an ominous voice, “I am the actress Milla Jovovich,” and explains that she is playing the psychologist Abigail Tyler, who has videotapes of what you will see portrayed in the film, and that “every scene in this movie is supported by archived footage,” one is to believe that this will be the hard evidence.

Director Olatunde Osunsanmi uses split screen to show the actress and the real Abigail talking almost simultaneously. The effect is a little creepy at the outset, but it becomes annoying as the movies progresses. It is as if lines are repeated, losing their effect. The scenes are disturbing, as forewarned by Jovovich, but the total effect is not disturbing or scary or convincing. The effect is one of confusion, leading to disbelief. This sense is completely reinforced when one does a little research and learns that the “actual footage” is staged; that Nome, Alaska, the movie’s setting, has no police reports of strange disappearances or unexplained murders; and that 98 minutes of your life have been wasted.

‘The Fourth Kind’

Directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi 98 minutes. Rated PG-13 - One-out of five