Eyesore of the week

By Gabi Moore

Property: 806 N. Cedar St., Lansing

Owner: Go Invest Wisely LLC

Taxpayer: Go Invest Wisely LLC

Assessed: $18,400

Owner says: Could not be reach for comment

Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: The Lansing area has a great tradition of gambrel-roofed houses of varied size and style. Popularized in the 19th century, the gambrel roof at 806 Cedar was favored by urbanites for the efficient use of space afforded residents in urban areas. A few restorations to the facade, including repair of the porch roof, replacement of windows and reconstruction of steps in brick, will restore this house to its original beauty. To learn more from Harrell-Seyburn, see this story at www. LansingCityPulse.com

This house has the foreboding look of a death trap or a haunted house. There are holes in the walls and the stairs on the porch are rotting and falling in. The roof is falling apart and the siding is faded. However, the home is owned by Ogden, Utah-based Go Invest Wisely LLC, which purports to turn low-income renters into homeowners.

— Gabi Moore

“Eyesore of the Week is our look at some of the seedier properties in Lansing. It rotates each week with Eye Candy of the Week. If you have a suggestion, please e-mail eye@lansingcitypulse.com or call Neal McNamara at 371-5600 ex. 17.

Harrell-Seyburn's improvement advice:

Improvement 1.: Replace single pane windows with multi-pane traditional six-over-six sash windows.
Improvement 2.: Reconstruct the wood steps with brick to match the porch.
Improvement 3.: Repair the roof on the front porch.


Harrell-Seyburn's lesson on gambrel roofs.

Often called, barn-houses for their sloping roofs associated with
barns, these attractive houses are not only charming on the exterior
but possess a great deal of character on the interior as a result of
the distinctive sloping walls of the gambrel roof. Arts and Crafts
style, Shingle Style, and Dutch Colonial architecture most commonly
feature the attractive gambrel roof which is traditionally symmetrical
and sloped on both sides with an upper slope that is less steep than
the lower slope.

roofs can be designed in a variety of configurations. The following
diagram shows a simple gambrel and a complex gambrel

. Eyesore_Diagram_December_2_2009.jpg