Eye candy!

By Neal McNamara

Eye candy!of the week

Address: 3405 – 3415 S. Cedar St., Lansing
Owner: Jody Romer
Taxpayer: Jody Romer
Owner says: It was a project to improve the façade
Architecture expert Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: A happy accident can sometimes reveal an architectural discovery. Basic maintenance to the facade of the 3400 block of Cedar Street exposed the original brick facade beneath layers of wood and stucco. Restoration of the brick facade combined with the already well-appointed urban buildings make this commercial block a shining example of what is possible for commercial development — both historic and new — along the Cedar Street corridor. To read more of Harrell-Seyburn´s advice please see this story at www.LansingCityPulse. com.

This week’s Eye candy shows that some buildings can be transformed from an eyesore to a source relatively easily.

Owner Jody Romer wanted to fix the ugly and rotting wood paneling that once served as the façade for his commercial building at the corner of Cedar Street and Holmes Road. When he got to work, however, he discovered the original brick façade dormant underneath. The ugly wood was stripped off, revealing more windows and a more contemporary looking (in a back to the future way) building.

“I was pleased the way it turned out,” Romer said.

“Going back to that brick exterior is the thing to do for the current times.”

— Neal McNamara

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