By Readers

Not just two parties You should do City Pulse readers a service printing an article including the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz,” because there’s a better way to depict the politic options and beliefs than the traditional left/right paradigm used in the piece (“The Three Wise Locals” from the Dec. 29 issue), which seems to perpetuate the myth of the two party system.

Contact the Advocates for Self Government for more information on the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz.”

— John Addiss Lansing

On PAC donations Political donations, we’ve long complained, have been democracy’s aches and pains. Of large donations campaigns will boast collecting their dollars from coast to coast. So much to fear! How can one stay sane? I can’t say for sure what scares me the most that the watchmen we pay can’t watch the campaign or that the (political action committee) men have now become the ghosts!

— The Fabulist From