Update: Rich Michaels returns to air today after domestic-violence arrest

By Andy Balaskovitz and Todd Heywood

All charges against the radio personality have been dropped

Radio personality Rich Michaels returned to the air today after two days off following his arrest Sunday on an alleged domestic-violence charge. He refused to comment this morning after his show in the radio station parking lot.

“It’s been an interesting couple of days. More on that later,” Michaels said today during his show “Michaels in the Morning”
on WMMQ, 94.9 FM. He facetiously joked on the air that he had been on a combat mission in Afghanistan over the weekend.

Michaels’ wife, Lisa Minaya, acknowledged police arrived at their home Sunday, following physical contact he made with her. "No man should lay their hands on any woman like that and get away with it. I won’t tolerate it,” she said.

Eaton County Assistant Prosecutor Kristin Lefere said the domestic-violence charge was dropped against Michaels. “I denied the charge because it didn’t rise to the level of criminal assault,” she said. “I can’t say for sure right now if there will be more action by the prosecutor’s office.”

Michaels spent Sunday night in the Eaton County jail following his arrest at his home in Grand Ledge on Sunday, authorities said. He was booked on a domestic-violence charge, authorities said. He was booked under his real name, Richard Minaya.

The charge was dropped Monday, and Michaels was released.

A neighbor of the Michaels who asked not to be identified confirmed police were at the house late Sunday afternoon. The neighbor has lived next to Michaels for more than five years and said there have been multiple arguments between Michaels and his wife in that time.

Michaels, 48, a longtime local radio personality, has hosted his show since 2005.

Matt Hanlon, regional president of Citadel Broadcasting, which owns WMMQ,
said today that he has no comment on Michaels' arrest.

already reported there are no charges," he said in a telephone
interview. "All you have is someone facing a divorce, like 40 percent
of Americans."