Eye candy! off the week

By Jack In Black

Eye candy! off the week

Property: 1003 N. Washington Ave., Lansing Owner: Farhat & Story, P.C. Assessed value: $29,900

The Dr. Earl G. Kaplan House at 1003 N. Washington Ave. — designed by venerable Lansing architect Darius B. Moon — is a testament to historic restoration. The nearly century-old Queen Anne has maintained its stunning early 20th-century character throughout its varied existence.

First, it was a single family home. Then it was a funeral home, followed by a lengthy stint as a multi-family dwelling. Next, it was the Michigan Podiatric Medical Association’s headquarters and nonprofit offices. Now it’s the home of Farhat & Story, P.C.

Historic houses located in predominately commercial areas, like the Kaplan, that have outlived their original use are particularly well-suited to adaptive reuse — reinventing old buildings while maintaining the historic character. Attorney Kitty Groh says it has been an ideal setting for the law practice because of its warmth and character.

Located at the corner of Washington Avenue and Kilburn Street, the prominent building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984 and is adorned with an Ingham County Historic Marker. Take time to acquaint yourself with this lovely building — marvel at the many extraordinary lives buildings live.

—Amanda Harrell-Seyburn

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