War of words

By City Pulse Staff

Grebner, Lindemann tangle through letters, memos

Headshots.jpgTHURSDAY, April 26 — Mark Grebner started it. Now Pat Lindemann is counter-attacking.

First, Grebner released a draft of a “letter” to Ingham County voters about why he is running against incumbent Lindemann, the long-time county drain commissioner. Grebner, who is retiring from the county Board of Commissioners after 32 years, accused Lindemann of financial incompetence, cronyism and blurring the line between “what belongs to the public and what belongs to him personally.”

Lindemann, who is seeking his sixth four-year term, issued a “campaign memo” today that likened Grebner’s tactics to such “political geniuses” as Karl Rove and

Sam Riddle and added: “Grebner actually has a history of participating in the sorts of activities he is accusing Lindemann of.”

To read Grebner’s “letter,” click here. To read Lindemann’s “memo,” click here.

Grebner will be a guest on “City Pulse Newsmakers” on Sunday at 11 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. on Comcast channel 16 in Lansing.

Lindemann will be a guest on the show on May 13.

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