A funky endorsement

By Sam Inglot

P-Funk leader George Clinton gives support to Lance Enderle. “We have mutual friends,” says the candidate

Monday, July 16 — Funk music innovator and member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame George Clinton has endorsed Democrat Lance Enderle for Congress.

In a short, 12-second YouTube video, Clinton tells people to get out and vote for Enderle in Michigan’s 8th U.S Congressional House District. Enderle is the lone Democrat on the Aug. 7 primary ballot and will likely run against incumbent Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Brighton, who faces a three-way Republican primary.

“The Funk Master loves me,” Enderle said in response to the endorsement.

In the video, Clinton isn’t rocking dreads or a crazy, colorful get-up — a far different image than what the public is used to from the man who crafted tunes like, “Give up the Funk” and “Atomic Dog.”

On Clinton’s blog, “funkProbosci.com,” he writes about financial struggles he and other members of the Detroit-based band, P-Funk, have been facing due to copyright and trademark squabbles over sampled music. Enderle said it’s those legal battles that have drawn Clinton into the political realm in recent years.

“We have mutual friends,” Enderle said when asked how he landed the endorsement. He also said they have spoken a handful of times in the past. Enderle said he hopes to bring Clinton to the area to help out with his campaign in the future.