Eye candy of the week

By Amanda Harrell-Seyburn

Property: 1155 Wrightwind Drive, Okemos

Owner: James Schultz and Ivey Lela

Assessed value: $252,600

Rumor has it that there are Frank Lloyd Wright houses in Okemos. It’s a mid-century suburban legend you may have been privy to at some time or another, often uttered when the subject turns to architecture at any formal or informal gathering in the Lansing area. You might have even seen one or two, like the Goetsch-Winkler House or perhaps the less visible Schaberg House here at 1155 Wrightwind Drive.

Wrightwind Drive, discreetly named after Wright, is a mid-century residential dream. Along the winding drive, houses hug the landscape in their mid-century glory. The Schaberg House disappears (as Wright intended) into the trees and contour of the land. The 1957 house was built for Donald and Mary Lou Schaberg. The Schaberg house exhibits the classic details of Wright’s style, including large windows for a strong visual connection to bring nature inside.

The Schaberg House is one of only 60 Usonian houses, a term coined by Wright to describe his style of residential architecture that combined unique design with affordable materials and building construction for the common American. As Wright said, “It is only super-common sense that can take us along the road to the better in building.”

You may look from a distance but don’t touch: both the Goetsch-Winkler House and the Schaberg House are private residences and not open to tours.

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