Eye candy of the week

By Amanda Harrell-Seyburn

Property: 1172 Wrightwind Drive, Okemos

Owner: Michael and Lisa Allen

Assessed value: $250,900

Do the buildings in which you spend your days and nights elevate and enrich the spirit? Think about it — Michigan modernist architect Alden B. Dow certainly did. Dow believed that architecture could better people’s lives: “It seems to me that the destiny of architecture lies in the direction of developing surroundings that promote the growth of individuals,” he has said.

Nearly two hours north on Interstate 69 is Midland, Dow’s base of operations from where he designed structures that redefined the Michigan landscape. His mid-century structures, particularly residential, are characterized by their horizontal nature, nestled into the landscape — as if one with nature. Large windows draw the outside indoors.

The Michael L. Dow House here (designed by Alden B. Dow) is one of the fantastic mid-century houses that graces the landscape in Okemos. You might recall two weeks ago when Eye Candy of the Week visited 1155 Wrightwind Drive down the road — the Schaberg House by Frank Lloyd Wright, Dow’s mentor. Like Wright, Dow was at the forefront of architecture in the mid-century, exploring ideas in building science and materials to improve people’s lives with an emphasis on quality. This property is one of three Dow Houses in the Lansing area.

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