Friday Fashion Pulse

By Marisol Dorantes
Photos by Marisol Dorantes

A little detail goes a long way

Friday, Feb. 1 — We all have those days when we’re just not up to dressing in the flashiest outfit in our wardrobe — when casual Friday becomes the theme of any given day. What to do when such a dilemma strikes? 

Listen to your mood, but be conscious that comfort and ease is not synonymous with frump and lack of creativity. The distinction between these ideas can be the difference between someone complimenting your style or ending up on the website, “people of Walmart.”

fashionpulse1_1.jpgWhen the mood calls for a laid-back look, the easiest way to keep it trendy is by accessorizing. Accessories are small visual cues of our personality, but their impact can be enormous.

Eric Reilly, a Michigan State University sophomore from Dearborn, shows his playful character with both loud and subtle additions to his outfit. It’s impossible to miss his distinct backpack. It’s a face in your face: A $100 bill portrait of Benjamin Franklin takes up the entire surface. The gold zipper and graphics add a compelling vibe, not only to the backpack but also to his entire outfit.

Once I was able to tear my eyes away from the $40 Mojo backpack, Reilly’s headphones took the spotlight. The look of his Beats by Dr. Dre headphones ($200) was louder than Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Power Remix” blasting out of them. The surplus of these devices usually camouflage them in the sea of bobbing heads on campus. But Reilly’s were anything but ordinary — they looked as if they had been carved out of wood. His secret is a $35 cover that clings seamlessly to the surface of the headphones, from

fashionpulse3_1.jpgReilly began experimenting with his style after he left home and started shopping for himself. His sister, Courtney, also exposed him to the fashion world.

“She gets stopped in Chicago all the time by fashion publications that want to take pictures of her, but now I can tell her she’s not the only one,” Reilly laughed.

Attention to detail must run in the family. From his tailored American Eagle slacks to his turquoise trimmed Nikes that perfectly match the blue of his flannel, Reilly’s command of style appears second natured. With the added accessories, Reilly’s outfit transforms from casual to show stopping.