Friday Fashion Pulse

By Marisol Dorantes

What’s red got to do with it?

Friday, Feb. 15 — A distinguishing trait of February is the screaming color red — you can thank Valentine’s Day for that. Red can be an overwhelming color to incorporate into a look, but if done right, the results can be stunning. Nailah Brown and Kaitlin Polzin, both Michigan State University students, found two different — but equally expert — ways to dress their best in red.

Brown uses red as the focal point to her trendsetting outfit. The short, pleated skirt from Urban Outfitters ($10, on clearance) immediately calls attention to itself with its bright tone, with the rest of her outfit employing accents of the same color. The skirt is carefully framed by darker tones like navy blue, gray and black that create a perfect symphony of colors. The two-tone thigh highs, also from Urban Outfitters ($4), gradually take the eye from gray all the way to her black suede booties, a popular style of shoes available at stores like Macy’s and Forever 21.

The lower half of her outfit is complemented by a playful Snoopy long sleeve. While the navy blue and white stripes pair well with the rest of the ensemble, the small red accent makes the pieces fit seamlessly together. The navy blue hat with a thin black band anchors the look by matching the color of her top and tying in the black tones of the bottom of the outfit.

Polzin’s approach to donning red is based on subtlety. Her chic look is comprised of classic Levi blue jeans ($40), a black Guess coat ($90) and a simple navy blue scarf; all these elements are the backdrop for her standout reds. The solid red Co-Lab cross-body bag from Marshalls gives her clean look an element of surprise while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic. The extra pop of color on her lips is enough to indicate that the colorful purse was not a happy accident.

Both of these ladies have found a way to steal Cupid’s thunder while keeping their distinct style. All it takes is going a little rouge.