Correction: Delta Township has banned spitting since 1972

By City Pulse Staff
Dylan Sowle/City Pulse

Tuesday, Feb. 26 — A story that appeared on last week incorrectly said that the Delta Township Board adopted an ordinance that banned public spitting at a Feb. 18 meeting.

In fact, public spitting has been illegal in Delta Township since Aug. 21, 1972, when the board adopted an ordinance reading: “No person shall spit on any sidewalk, or in any public passenger conveyance, public place or place of public assemblage, except into receptacles placed there for such purpose.”

The ordinance adopted last week amends a different section of the township’s code of ordinances. It adds “urinate” and “defecate” to the spitting ban, which is renamed “expectorate.” The amended ordinance says:

“Except where restroom facilities are used for such purposes, it shall be unlawful for a person to expectorate, urinate or defecate:

A.    While present upon, or in any: public property, street, sidewalk, parking lot/structure, alley, park, public transportation, or any other place open to the public.
B.    While present upon, or in any private property while such act is open to the public view.
C.    While present upon, or in any private property of another without authority or permission of the owner of such premises or without authority or permission of the lawful occupants.”

We regret the error.