Friday Fashion Pulse

By Marisol Dorantes
Photo by Marisol Dorantes

Worldly inspiration

Friday, March 1 — This week, instead of just talking about where Lansing fashionistas go shopping, I decided to explore the areas where these trendsetters shop for inspiration. Shuhang Yu was browsing a section of delicate white blouses at Forever 21 in the Eastwood Towne Center that reflected the style she was wearing.

Yu, a Michigan State University student from China, has a talent for balancing the overlapping winter and spring fashions. She masterfully mixes heavy and warm fabrics with airy cloths shown through her knitted dress and lace slip.

20130228__DSC2430.jpg"Most of my clothes are shipped from China or Korea, but I love to shop at Forever 21 with my friends," Yu said. Although the ivory knit and lace frocks are from her across the world, the combo of bold and delicate is reflected in runways all over the world.The goal of melding two different worlds is not about upstaging one another. The opposite textures play off of each other and Yu’s monochromatic scheme keeps the intricate twist and turns of the yarn from competing with color for attention.

20130228__DSC2434.jpgThe time is ripe to look around the world for inspiration. Fashion weeks in major cities like London, Milan and Paris are displaying fresh ideas from the most creative minds in fashion. While many of the collections can be over-the-top for street fashion, looking at the overall motifs to create prt--porter looks, like Yu, can produce diverse and unique looks.