Friday Fashion Pulse

By Marisol Dorantes
Photos by Marisol Dorantes

Color coated

Friday, April 5 — Ah, April — the beginning of… another winter? (Yep, there's snow in the forecast for this weekend.) While our calendars might say spring, the frigid winter winds are overstaying their welcome. As relentless as nature can be, so can the fashionable residents of Lansing.

Joann and Christina are two ladies that won’t be intimidated back into their heavy and dark winter-wear. As the pair strolled down Washington Avenue in Lansing, their playful coats and joyful smiles stood out amongst the crowd.

20130403__DSC3726.jpg“I love bright colors,” said Jo, about her fuchsia coat from Lands’ End ($150). These coats are able to keep the fashionistas warm without the bulk of a winter jacket. The style also allowed layering while keeping them from looking like a marshmallow (sometimes unavoidable in a Michigan winter.)

“I always layer because it gets ridiculously windy in downtown Lansing,” said Christina. Her yellow diamond-patterned pea coat was a $20 steal from Target. The fur-collared coat and black and gold detailed buttons gave way to her personal vintage style, which she said is supplied from thrift stores around the Lansing area.

Even though T-shirt and short weather hasn’t arrived, it’s still possible to get in the spring of things. Wearing bright and pastel based colors can help make the seasonal transition in your closet faster than the weather. The seasons might be battling for residency in Michigan but your wardrobe doesn’t have to.