Filling up the boards and commissions

By Sam Inglot

Administration seeking candidates for expiring and vacant board and commission seats

Friday, April 19 — If you’re interested in getting more involved in local government, there are a number of expiring and vacant City board and commission positions available. The deadline for application is May 1.

“Input from our citizens is crucial to the process of good government,” Bernero said. “Serving on a city board or commission is a great way to get engaged in local government and to have a real impact on Lansing’s future.”

Here’s a list of the 29 board and commission vacancies. Keep in mind that some positions require applicants to either live in a certain city ward or have a certain professional background.

Board of Ethics: one mayoral at-large vacancy

Board of Fire Commissioners: two at-large vacancies

Board of Public Service: 4th Ward and at-large vacancies

Building Board of Appeals: one vacancy

Cable Advisory Board: three at-large vacancies

Downtown Lansing, Inc.: one business owner vacancy

EDC/TIFA/LBRA: one at-large vacancy

Elected Officers Compensation Commission: two at-large vacancies

Electrical Board: one manufacturing industry vacancy

Historic District Commission: three at-large vacancies

Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority: one City Market vendor vacancy

Lansing Housing Commission: one resident vacancy

Memorial Review Board: 2nd Ward and at-large vacancies

Michigan Avenue Corridor Improvement Authority: two vacancies

Next Michigan Development Corporation: one at-large vacancy

Potter Park Zoo Board: one vacancy

Traffic Board: one 3rd Ward and three at-large vacancies

Along with the 29 vacancies, some of which have terms that won’t expire for several more years, there are a number of filled positions that have terms that will expire on June 30. Vacant positions can be filled at anytime.

The application deadline for positions that expire June 30 is May 1. Applications must be sent to the Mayor’s Office. Most of the terms are four-year appointments and require City Council approval. Applications for board and commission positions are accepted year-round.

For a list of boards and commissions, an application and more information, click here.