Eye sore of the week

By Sam Inglot

Property: 3825 W. Jolly Road, Lansing

Owner: B&A Kumar LLC

Assessed Value: $396,200

Owner says: Property is for lease through CBRE MartinArchitecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: Some buildings are more susceptible to blight than others. By nature, buildings that are not easily adaptable due to form — in this case, single-use ones — sit vacant longer. It’s true, just look around. The late 20th century was an unprecedented period of single-use building construction. Although design and construction is increasingly moving towards mixed use, there will always be a place for single-use buildings. The key is to design beyond the first tenant and have a plan for how reuse will work again and again. This is a collaborative approach that requires owner and designer to imagine a long-term vision for the building.

In a neighborhood with a less than sterling reputation, this former Rite Aid at Jolly and Waverly roads has been nothing but 11,000 square feet of added blight for several years. The old Rite Aid sign is covered with a tarp like a shame-laden Detroit Lions fan, while metal gates cover the doors and windows of the empty drug store. Whether it was the Family Dollar or the Quality Dairy across the street that drove the place out of business remains to be seen. Maybe it was too much convenience for one corner.

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