‘What an icon she was’

By City Pulse Staff
Winifred Olds, a fixture in the Lansing theater scene for over 50 years, died Thursday after complications from surgery. Courtesy photo.

Longtime Lansing stage actress Winifred Olds dies

Friday, June 21 — Winifred Olds, known as “the grande dame of Lansing theater,” died late Thursday after complications from surgery. She was 88.

Olds fell and broke her shoulder last month, and needed an operation, said Jane Zussman, who runs the Greater Lansing Ubiquitous Theatre blog/mailing list. Zussman said Olds developed blood clots after the surgery.

“I just saw her on Monday and she seemed to be in good spirits,” Zussman said “They were talking about moving her to a rehab clinic in Okemos, but this all happened so fast. It’s hard to believe she’s out of here. What an icon she was.”

In 2005, Olds won a Lifetime Achievement Pulsar Award, and in 2010 she received the Robert Busby Award for “Overall Contributions to Theater and Community.” She most recently appeared in Starlight Dinner Theater’s “Steel Magnolias” last year.

A family member said funeral arrangements will be announced later today.