By Allan I. Ross

Property: 16795 S. U.S. 27, DeWitt Township

Owner: Coleman Plaza LLC

Assessed value: $140,500

Owner says: Could not be reached for comment

Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: It’s no secret: This property is just one of the many empty retail spaces in the area. Why all the emptiness? Simple. There is more retail space than the community can support. New competing retail centers draw business away from existing commercial areas. Solution: Adaptive reuse incentives for retail development. Limit single-use retail and focus on mixed use. The Clinton County Economic Alliance is helping market the property for sale, so we’ll see what happens.

The boarded-up, abandoned grocery store is a staple of post-apocalyptic movies. To that end, if the producers of “World War Z” ever move forward with a sequel, boy, does DeWitt Township ever have a location for them. This building was actually home to three businesses, including a sprinkler system store and a laundromat, but Mor For Less is the name that screams from the back end of the cracked, weedy parking lot. After a good rain, the front end of that parking lot floods into a stagnant urban pond, so watch out for mosquitos — but hey, at least there are no zombies.