Advent House ‘running on fumes’

By City Pulse Staff

Fundraising campaign seeks to keep Advent House Ministries alive during era of sequestration

Wednesday, Aug. 21 — Facing up to a $30,000 loss in grant funding as a result of federal sequestration, Advent House Ministries is turning to public support to help fill the gap.

In its 25th anniversary, Advent House Executive Director Susan Cancro said without the funding, cuts to its programs that help the impoverished and homeless are inevitable.

“What’s happening right now is we’re running on fumes,” Cancro said. “We’re scraping by from one week to the next to try to meet the needs of folks we serve. It’s putting on a lot of stress, affecting the quality of our services.”

The Lansing-based nonprofit charity, which served more than 32,000 meals last year to those in need, has started a fundraising challenge with the goal of raising $25,000 in 25 days. It started on Monday. A $25 gift will feed 12 people one of six meals the charity provides each week.

Advent House’s budget is supported by public donations and government-backed grants. As of 5 p.m. today, Advent House had raised $475 as part of the campaign.

Cancro said Advent House is not alone in local agencies feeling the pinch from sequestration, which are automatic spending cuts that started on March 1. “In some ways I speak for anyone” who relies on government grants, she said.

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