Harvest moon ride

By City Pulse Staff
The Lansing Bike Party explores the streets of Lansing on two wheels. They host a special full moon bike ride Friday, departing the Broad Art Museum at 5:30 p.m. Courtesy photo.

Lansing bike club enjoys the streets of Lansing for special event

Thursday, Sept. 19 — Lansing culture is more than just the arts, sports and bars. The miles and miles of streets provide an ample way to enjoy the city from the ground up via bike. Friday, the Lansing Bike Party, a local bike-riding club, will have a special final ride of the summer (before the fall bike riding begins).

“A bike is a ticket into a social scene of its own,” said Bike Party spokesman Jeff Potter.” When you ride with a group, you can enjoy the sensuous aspects of a neighborhood — its sights, sounds and smells — while waving hello to locals and having extended conversations with fellow riders. Thanks to members' input, as we explore the town and its surroundings we get to learn about places, people and events we never knew about before.”

Upwards of 30 riders are expected to show up for this event. The club will leave from the Broad Art Museum at 5:30 p.m. for a full moon ride featuring boom box music. Anyone interested is free to join; all you need is a bike and a helmet. For more information, see the Lansing Bike Party links at outyourbackdoor.com.