What will be your enduring memory of the ice storm?

By City Pulse Staff

Readers shared their thoughts on City Pulse’s Facebook page over the past week. Here’ what they had to say:

"How Virg and Rick haven’t made a peep. That’s what I’ll remember. Six days in before counties are calling state of emergencies, and our government leaders are nowhere to be seen. Carol Wood is the ONLY person that has done anything, and she’s doing it from the same boat we’re all in. She has been out of power this whole time, but updates her Facebook page CONSTANTLY to let us know what’s going on. I wouldn’t have known much about the warming shelters, outage maps or where crews were headed without her posts." — Rheanon Sarah Leah

"I think it will be hard to beat the very helpful “letter” from the East Lansing city manager, George Lahanas, kindly explaining to me that our power company is doing a smash-up job, and that they have restored power to his house. I’ll definitely be able to sleep better in my cold house tonight, now that I understand what a great power company we have. Thank you George Lahanas for the schooling, I really needed that so much more than I need electricity in this cold snowy December. Your warm words for Lansing Board of Water and light will heat my soul." — Alan Prather

"My most memorable memories will be how unprepared I was. That our dog cut her foot on the ice on Christmas eve as we were trying to drain the water out of our pipes to avoid freezing and rushing her into the vet to get a $380 stitch. The workers who have been working through their holiday to get our power back on. But mostly how our friends and family that helped us and were there for us no matter what and that helped us give my 3-year-old a somewhat stable holiday." — Amanda Miller

"Generator-stealing thugs!" — Dan Hagfors

"Without cable, the generator enabled me to watch all my favorite Dakota Fanning flicks. 'Dreamer' is underrated. I also frequented theater and tuned into radio." — Stephen Mitchell

"After two days in my apartment with no power or heat, I went to the Best Western Plus in South Lansing. I was amazed to see a very crowded lobby including a number of people walking around with dogs on leashes. I thought it was a dog show. It turns out the hotel wanted to accept guests who needed a place to put their pets — with their owners! It was quite a sight, dogs getting to know each other. I thought this was a pretty cool thing for the hotel to do!" — Rich Wiggins

"The key is having a reliable system in place BEFORE it is needed in a crisis like the current one. If BWL can’t manage its finances better to provide both basic services AND structural upgrades, then customers should be free to choose other providers who can." — Brenda Cummings Resch

"Skip the frivolous Chili Cook Offs and Christmas parade floats and put more money and effort into an online outage map." — John Stone

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