Eye candy of the week

By Daniel Bollman, AIA

Property: 1010 W. Saginaw St., Lansing (vacant lot)

Owner: Neil Park

Assessed value:

Given the wide variety of architecture in greater Lansing, a vacant lot is not a likely Eye Candy subject. However, considering the building that had been at this site, the decision to remove it provided a marked improvement. When the former building was featured in 2004 as City Pulse’s first Eyesore of the Week, the adjacent neighboring business suggested the building was a problem.

Put simply, an empty lot is occasionally preferable to a bad building. Clearly, if a resource is detrimental to nearby uses, demolition might be the best option. Most historic district ordinances actually identify additional instances where cities might benefit from the removal of resources — even historic buildings. If a building constitutes a safety hazard or creates a deterrent to a major improvement project, the possible benefits of demolition are clear.

However, care must be exercised when undertaking demolition. Beyond a building’s obvious cultural value, an uninterrupted row of buildings provides a pattern of solidity and order along the street. Even a few breaks in this pattern will disrupt the rhythm, possibly advancing the degradation of the block and the neighborhood. In many cases, “mothballing” a building — protecting it from the elements and wildlife — can extend its life indefinitely, allowing it to maintain its important presence in the streetscape until market forces allow for its rehabilitation.

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