How a developer assembled the pieces
Sept. 13 2018
It already has. Blueprints for the first downtown hotel to be constructed in decades — along with dozens of apartments and a grocery store to anchor the project — will require an investment...
Developer sets January as likely deadline
Sept. 13 2018
Beitler wants to renovate City Hall into a ritzy hotel that would cater to regional convention crowds. Developer Pat Gillespie’s latest plans along Michigan Avenue didn’t change his mind, but...
Sept. 6 2018
The Breslin Center is being dolled up to host comic book writers, illustrators and slingers alike as Capital City Comic Con returns Saturday for its fourth consecutive issue
Stanford: Restitution talks ‘stalled’ amid lawsuit
Sept. 6 2018
Merry Stanford, president of Friends of Ormond Park, said her group is urging action for the “negative impacts” caused when the city last year paved a two-lane roadway through the middle of...