Side Bar / Good Truckin' Diner / Glazed and Confused
March 15 2017
“It took a while, but I’m happy with the way things turned out,” Abood said, surveying the brick, faux brushed steel and reclaimed wood of the interior. “I didn’t want to...
Bernero rejects Council’s time limit on interim attorney appointment
May 25 2016
When The Lansing City Council approved Mayor Virg Bernero's appointment of Joseph Abood as the interim city attorney on March 28, it did so for just two months
City attorney Abood did not disclose ties required by ethics code
May 18 2016
Abood, who for more than a year has worked as a deputy and interim city attorney, was required by ethics provisions of the City Charter and the city’s ethics ordinance to disclose this financial...
Maureen Abood showcases her heritage in ‘Rose Water and Orange Blossoms’
May 6 2015
As a longtime Lansing-ite and a person who is always thinking about her next meal, it was with intense intrigue that I first approached Maureen Abood’s culinary blog, "Rose Water and Orange Blossoms,"...
May 30 2012
After a raucous two-year run in downtown Lansing’s thriving bar district, the Wild Beaver Saloon has swapped its Coyote Ugly-meets-Hooters sensibilities — and eyebrow-raising name and dress...

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