April 19 2017
Fear, misconceptions, misinformation and stereotypical assumptions are all part of why sexual assault and relationship violence are not often talked about as LGBTQ+ issues. However, a refusal to be...
Some strides, but MSU still struggling with sexual assault
March 29 2017
The Nassar case is only an extreme example of the ongoing crisis of sexual assault and harassment plaguing MSU
'What if?', asks victim of Eaton sheriff assault
Nov. 2 2016
A $70,000 check and a personal apology from Eaton County Sheriff Tom Reich have done little to soothe Todd Brenizer’s guilt over the 2015 shooting death of 17-year-old Deven Guilford
Assault rifles as low as $479 — laser sights extra
Dec. 9 2015
Like most Americans, I knew about last week's mass murders in San Bernadino before reading the next day's newspaper. Still the headline in the Lansing State Journal's USA TODAY news section was chilling,...
Hertel bill seeks to educate high schoolers on sexual consent
Sept. 16 2015
“In my time with the East Lansing Police Department, I have seen a scary trend unfold,” Lt. Det. Scott Wrigglesworth said at a press conference at the Hannah Center announcing the measure....
April 2 2014
In the late hours of Aug. 29, 2010, a woman met two Michigan State University athletes at Wonders Hall. The three struck up a friendly conversation and decided to go to the men’s shared dorm room....
April is sexual assault awareness month
April 14 2010
It was near finals week in 2006 when K’s best friend sexually assaulted her. A sophomore at Michigan State University at the time, K had found herself alone in his dorm room. Alcohol was involved....
New security measures discussed for City Hall following a scrap between a Councilwoman and a Council “regular.”
June 17 2009
An East Lansing prosecutor has declined to press assault charges against a Lansing City Council gadfly after an altercation with a Councilwoman last month, but efforts to beef up security at Lansing City...

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