April 19 2017
Undaunted by failure in 2016, advocates see 2018 as the year Michigan will legalize adult-use of marijuana. There is money behind the initiative, momentum from other states that have ended pot prohibition,...
Gilbert on ballot despite exiting race
July 27 2016
Actress Melissa Gilbert vowed in May that she was quitting her congressional bid to unseat U.S. Rep. Mike Bishop, R-Rochester, due to health reasons and local Democrats have Macomb County assistant prosecutor...
Despite vote not to sell, city still wants Willoughby on ballot
May 18 2016
“It is up to the City Council to determine if the voters of Lansing, who have consistently supported measures to sell surplus city property, should have the opportunity to consider this question,”...
LGBT and ally groups fight to amend civil rights law
Jan. 20 2016
Nathan Triplett, the former mayor of East Lansing, has taken on a new role: political director of the statewide gay rights organization Equality Michigan
Local governments, schools want veto of bill limiting info on ballot initiatives
Dec. 23 2015
School districts and local government organizations are seething after discovering a late-night change made to state legislation that unless vetoed will ban officials from addressing a millage or bonding...
Voters asked to amend Charter to cap contracts
Sept. 30 2015
After Board of Water & Light General Manager Peter Lark was fired last winter, residents and leaders of Lansing were appalled by the contract payout provisions approved by the citizen board
Lansing officials weigh legality of ballot initiative
July 1 2015
ADDITION: BREAKING NEWS At about 4:30 on Wednesday afternoon, Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope announced he was unable to accept the petitions for a controversial proposal to update the city's ethics ordinance. “I...
Ethics group violates state law, county clerk says
July 15 2015
A committee set up ostensibly to bring greater campaign transparency to city of Lansing elections has violated Michigan campaign laws, Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum has determined. Citing reporting by...
Initiative group says cost of legal battle prohibitive
July 8 2015
The ballot initiative to amend the city’s ethics ordinance, which would have created public financing of local elections and stricter rules on lobbying, is dead. Last week, Lansing City Clerk Chris...
Michigan Prop 1 road funding ballot language bundles and confuses
March 4 2015
After reading — and very likely rereading — the constitutional ballot proposal that seeks a sales tax increase to repair Michigan´s crumbling and even dangerous roads, voters should be...
Oct. 29 2014
The growing chill in air brings a shiver of dread for the approaching winter along with the sour and frightening memories of the Board of Water & Light massive power outage last year. Two proposed city...
Nov. 15 2012
He wasn't on the ballot, but the biggest political winner in Michigan last week was Gov. Rick Snyder. "One Tough Nerd" held his majorities in the state House and on the Supreme Court
Oct. 24 2012
Lansing's four major television networks are seeing more than $5 million in revenue this campaign season. But it's not as much as the stations hoped — and not as much as it could have been
June 13 2012
1. The New Emergency Manager Repeal Law The public employee union, AFSCME, teamed up with Michigan Forward and others to repeal the state’s new emergency manager (EM) law, P.A. 4, which gives gubernatorial-appointed...
Aug. 31 2012
One state Supreme Court decision is the only thing standing in the way of a constitutional collective bargaining guarantee being officially tossed off the November ballot. You hear that giant swirling...
Unions, Republicans, environmentalists, utilities, EFMs and a billionaire: Ballot proposals 2012
Oct. 24 2012
The Legislature no longer represents the people of Michigan. That's the inevitable implication of next month's bed-sheet ballot to bypass lawmakers with five proposals to change the state Constitution,...
A look at ballot proposals from across the county
Aug. 1 2012
They don't have the amount of public attention as a public safety millage approved in November, but city of Lansing voters face a half-dozen ballot questions on Tuesday, including selling off parkland...
New ballot proposals make midterm more critical
Sept. 7 2011
Voters will decide if over 12 acres of the Red Cedar Golf Course near Frandor may be sold and if the city’s property tax millage should be increased. Until late August, the ballot only consisted...
Nov. 2 2011
The City Council voted against asking Lansing residents permission to sell 12.68 acres of the former Red Cedar Golf Course back in May, but then changed its mind in August. Now, voters have the opportunity...
Will the Red Cedar Golf Course proposal be the catalyst that finally brings the Michigan State University community into the city?
Aug. 24 2011
It’s no secret Lansing has struggled to attract Michigan State University students into Lansing, both for leisure and employment. It’s also no secret that the city’s trying to change...

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