Spiral Dance Bar / The Tim Barron Group at RE/MAX
April 19 2017
“I hope (whomever) buys it decides to keep it going as Spiral, but there’s a chance they could go in a different direction,” said Tom Donall, who owns the building, the property and the...
Aug. 17 2016
For a few eerie days, Lansing seemed united in horror, disbelief, fear and patriotism by the tragic events of Sept. 11. Merchants ran out of flags, which appeared everywhere - on homes, on cars, in the...
Pianist Kenny Barron brings music and life lessons to MSU students
Feb. 10 2016
Categories can be hateful, but they start discussions. So here’s one to chew on
Lansing DJ/community advocate to launch web-based, Michigan-centric talk show
March 18 2015
Radio DJs seldom know when it’s their last day behind the mic. Even the most popular personality in town could have the plug pulled at any time and for no reason. In the broadcasting industry, this...
Tim Barron launches new online morning radio show
May 6 2015
After a nearly two-month hiatus, one of Lansing’s best-known radio voices has returned to the airwaves. But this time, Tim Barron’s voice is being delivered to the masses not through a radio...
Tim Barron attacks shooting victim in Facebook post
Feb. 11 2015
Progress Michigan is asking Lansing radio host Tim Barron to apologize for a post on his Facebook page Sunday that appears to blame the victim of a shooting in East Lansing last week for his own death. Michael...
Corporations call the shots in the new age of broadcasting
Oct. 5 2011
How times have changed. After a number of corporate buyouts, much of the local on-air talent in Lansing (and beyond) is gradually being replaced by nationally syndicated shows that are recorded and produced...
Canine costumes return to Old Town Friday
Oct. 26 2011
The tradition continues Friday in Old Town, with Barron, WLMI’s Melik Brown and WLNS meteorlogist Jake Dunne doing the judging. Doggie Trick or Treat begins at 4 p.m., followed by the contest at...
The out-of-work radio personality discusses life on unemployment and the bad blood with his former employer
March 9 2011
Rich Michaels, the ex-host of “Michaels in the Morning” on WMMQ 94.9 FM, says his former employer is unfairly preventing him from getting another job and is forcing him into a circumstance...

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