Wharton Center unveils pop culture-powered 35th season
April 19 2017
“Broadway has become quite a magnet, especially with the new megahits like ‘Hamilton’ that seem to come out every year. It’s becoming America’s art form,” said Mike...
Owosso’s ‘Inherit the Wind’ misses opportunity
Nov. 9 2016
Owosso Community Player’s latest production, “Inherit the Wind,” is easily the most relevant production running this election season. It’s based on a court case from 1925, but the...
Aug. 17 2016
Morgan based on reporting by him and Gretchen Cochran, Lawrence Cosentino, Laleah Fernandez, Kyle Melinn, Joseph Neller, Stephen Patterson and Emily Sorger.)
Opulent ’Vincent’ suffers from a lack of sparks between its stars
May 4 2011
Audiences may not recognize young Vincent Van Gogh from his later brooding, earless self-portraits. Based on true events, "Vincent in Brixton" by Nicholas Wright shows a giddy 20-year-old Van Gogh discovering...
Nov. 11 2009
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