Jeff Kressler to be honored with award, tribute concert
April 5 2017
Kressler’s jazz style is limpid, lyrical and loose, peppered by prickly prods and arpeggios and an occasional foray into song. He has been a mainstay of the mid-Michigan jazz scene, and the music...
Side Bar / Good Truckin' Diner / Glazed and Confused
March 15 2017
“It took a while, but I’m happy with the way things turned out,” Abood said, surveying the brick, faux brushed steel and reclaimed wood of the interior. “I didn’t want to...
Politics push a Broadway classic back into its discomfort zone
Feb. 22 2017
Instead of settling into the complacent valley of the classics, Broadway’s “Cabaret” manages to keep dangling at the edge of the abyss
Neighborhood activist files for Council in 2nd Ward
Feb. 22 2017
Rodocker, who has filed to run in the 2nd Ward in the August primary election, sees an area of the city overrun with medical marijuana dispensaries and shuttered businesses along crumbling roads. That,...
New book looks at events leading to Kent State shootings
Feb. 15 2017
“Four dead in Ohio.” Those four words, from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s hastily recorded protest song “Ohio,” were haunting in their simplicity
‘A Painted Window’ peers into the life of a fallen woman
Feb. 8 2017
The elders among us may remember a closing line from the classic noir TV show, “The Naked City”: “There are 8 million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them.” The...
Feb. 1 2017
Myrlie Evers-Williams, 83, entered the history books as the widow of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers, but that was far from the end of her story. Evers-Williams had worked closely with her husband,...
McClurken takes on Yorko for City Council
Jan. 11 2017
James McClurken is mad as hell. Mad enough to run for the Lansing City Council
The Grid Arcade and Bar
Jan. 11 2017
For the last few months, a sign in the former Chrome Cat building in Old Town has teased that a new business is “coming soon.” The sign features the title character from the movie “Wreck-It...
South Lansing bar closes unexpectedly after 51 years
Jan. 4 2017
“I’ve been thinking about getting out for a while, but I only made the decision last Wednesday, when the insurance was due,” Kobus said. “And in this business, you really can’t...
Troubled Food Co-op puts building up for sale
Dec. 14 2016
The East Lansing Food Co-op, which has been troubled financially for several years as competition has increased in the healthy food market, has placed its building on the block
Red's Smokehouse Burgers & BBQ / White Bros Music
Nov. 30 2016
On Saturday, Carol “Red” Smith and her wife/business partner Jackie Randall closed their two-year-old barbecue booth inside Lansing City Market to prepare for its transition to a standalone...
Signals mixed on health insurance in the coming Trump era
Nov. 30 2016
Since Donald Trump’s election, patients have been asking me about the fate of the Affordable Care Act. The announcement Tuesday that the president-elect has selected an ardent foe of Obamacare to...
Nov. 16 2016
Since becoming an activist 19 years ago, I have been advocating that more transgender and non-conforming individuals be open about their experiences. This lack of openness has put us 10 years behind the...
Lansing Symphony wipes varnish and graffiti off Beethoven’s Ninth
Nov. 9 2016
In my imagination, a cynic poked his head into the Wharton Center late Friday night just to scoff at the happy, wall-to-wall buzz that followed the Lansing Symphony Orchestra’s big choral concert
Classic British sitcom on the boards at Riverwalk Theatre
Oct. 26 2016
British farce, I have been told, is an acquired taste. But in the hands of a not ready-for-prime-time cast at Riverwalk Theatre, “Are You Being Served?” is a three day-old leftover from a...
Truscott, Rossman-McKinney and a guy named Trump
Oct. 19 2016
They are John Truscott and Kelly Rossman-McKinney, whose politically savvy PR firm, Truscott Rossman, turns 6 years old in January. In this case, he is the Republican and she the Democrat. Truscott was...
Oct. 19 2016
It’s been a former drive-in restaurant for as long as I can remember — which is longer than I care to remember. It’s forlorn and low-slung, huddled next to an abandoned building with...
Thai Nation Bistro
Oct. 5 2016
The number of Asian restaurants in Williamston doubled last month. After Miso Sushi & Grill closed last year, Szechuan Garden became the only place in town to go when your cravings leaned toward the Far...
Aug. 17 2016
He is without question the most popular figure on Michigan State University's campus: the Spartan, better known as " Sparty," a three-ton, 11-foothigh colossus. You can find his face on cups, sweatshirts...

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