Kathy Johnson looks back on nearly 40 years in libraries
March 29 2017
Kathy Johnson, head librarian at Capitol Area District Libraries’ downtown branch, is delaying her retirement one day so she can go out with a bang at the library’s Family Celebration Saturday....
Downtown Lansing library makeover balances books and people
March 8 2017
Simplification and de-cluttering are key goals of the project. Circulation and information services will both be found at the big new front desk, instead of separate stations. The old glass partition between...
CADL downtown branch to close for interior renovations
Dec. 7 2016
Capital Area District Library’s downtown branch, a prime example of Modernist architecture, is looking to modernize its interior
It’s tax and census time, but this year ACORN isn’t around to help
Feb. 10 2010
In early 2009, ACORN’s Grand Rapids office closed, followed shortly by the Detroit office. The Flint branch closed in September around the same time O’Keefe’s heavily edited videos surfaced,...
Nov. 25 2009
Bridget and I had just moved back into town from Boston. That meant an obligatory trip to the Secretary of State´s office underneath the East Lansing gerbil run. Time to register the old ´95...
Dec. 2 2009
Somewhere within the system, someone is failing to do his or her job. If a person is applying for a job, there is a background check, and also if you are trying to rent an apartment. Since Houghton is...

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