Not much meat, but Brown Clarke has a good outing before Chamber
May 17 2017
Good meant sounding thoughtful on difficult issues. Good also meant not going on the offensive, an important factor after nearly 12 years of incumbent Virg Bernero’s bulldog approach. Many people,...
Schor far ahead for mayor, Dunbar hurting for Council
April 5 2017
Brown Clarke said in a written statement: “There have been several polls to date, each with varying results. And, we are still a couple of weeks away from the filing deadline and a final slate of...
Major Brown Clarke backer owes $72,000 in delinquent taxes
March 8 2017
The host of mayoral candidate Judi Brown Clarke’s kickoff fundraiser owes over $72,000 in delinquent property taxes, interest and fees either personally or through limited liability companies of...
Former Olympic medalist makes bid for Lansing Mayor’s Office
March 8 2017
Olympic Silver Medalist Judi Brown Clarke has signed up for what may be the run of her life. Last week she announced she’s seeking to become Lansing’s first African American and female mayor
City Council deadlocked over new leadership
Jan. 11 2017
Lansing City Council is splitsville. After hours of back and forth debate, the body failed Monday to come to a consensus on who would make up the leadership for this year
Mayor’s race grows nasty quickly
Nov. 16 2016
When I wrote the headline for last week’s cover, which said: “You thought Clinton-Trump was nasty: The 2017 Lansing mayor’s race is coming,” I didn’t think it would be that...
Poll shows Bernero vulnerable to Schor and Brown Clarke
Oct. 5 2016
Virg Bernero: “Lansing's Mayor for Life.” Maybe not
Sandra Brown on ditching romance to write thrillers
Aug. 17 2016
In the late 1980s, Sandra Brown had a difficult decision to make. Brown was a successful romance author writing under three pseudonyms, as well as her own name, when her crossover thriller, “Slow...
Brown Clarke, Yorko set to lead Lansing Council
Dec. 9 2015
City Councilmember at-large Judi Brown Clarke is likely to become the next City Council president. Brown Clarke, who has been on Council since January 2014, appears to have a five-member majority for the...
Former Verve Pipe drummer releases his first solo EP
Feb. 11 2015
“That drum fill, man, it’s just fuckin’ right.” I’m sitting at the bar with Donny Brown, and Zakk Wylde and friends are ripping through a cover of “Mississippi Queen”...
Christian McBride digs in for MSU residency, big band concert
Oct. 8 2014
Christian McBride, one of the greatest bassists in jazz history and a veteran of over 300 recordings, has played with Sonny Rollins, James Brown and Sting. He’s traded licks with Philadelphia rappers,...
Nov. 26 2014
It’s been a few hours since St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch announced that Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted for shooting and killing Michael Brown this summer. I’m...
A survey of Lansing's musical landscape
March 11 2015
Bastards of Young, a Lansing-based Replacements cover band, performs its first show Friday at the Loft. Sharing the bill is local AC/DC cover band ICY/ DICEY, and the JetBeats. Bastards of Young comprises...
JazzFest 2014 gets spacey with a supergroup, guest guitarists and dueling organs
July 30 2014
The 2014 Lansing JazzFest continues the tradition of bouncing trumpet riffs, drum rhythms and skeet-skat-dadiddly vocals off the buildings of Old Town. But this year it gets a little otherworldly with...
Wood’s coup fails; who will be next City Council president?
Jan. 9 2014
Lansing City Councilwoman Carol Wood tried extending her presidential reign over the Council this week, only to have it shut down by the city clerk and city attorney
Lansing City Councilwoman-elect Judi Brown Clarke’s return to the spotlight with teamwork spirit
Nov. 13 2013
There’s never been someone quite like Judi Brown Clarke on the Lansing City Council
A survey of Lansing's musical landscape
Nov. 28 2012
A pair of Michigan-based duos share a twin bill at the Ten Pound Fiddle concert series Friday at the Unitarian Universalist Church. Taking the stage will be Jan Krist & Jim Bizer and Siusan O'Rourke &...
With eyes on the November election cycle, thousands of women gather at the Capitol to protest censorship and heavy-handed abortion legislation; female politicians read from "The Vagina Monologues"
June 20 2012
Vagina. Signs and chants echoed the word across the front lawn of the Capitol in downtown Lansing on Monday night. Several thousand people showed up to support Rep. Lisa Brown, D-West Bloomfield, and Rep
MSU exhibit mixes science and art
Jan. 30 2013
It's not often that art intersects with science, but on Sunday, visitors to the MSU Museum will be treated to an exhibit that's equal parts experiment and sculpture
A local photography group honors its late leader
Oct. 26 2011
Knoblock, 47, was the owner of Lansing IT, a consulting firm that works primarily with small businesses. A master of all things Apple and “i-things,” Knoblock helped Brown with computer issues...

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