April 19 2017
Lansing isn't one of them. For a city that sees itself as progressive, Lansing is weighing rules and regulations that will decimate its fledgling medical marijuana industry. Of 62 medical marijuana dispensaries...
Lansing’s reefer madness approach shortsighted as state moves rapidly toward legalization
April 19 2017
Politicians are trying to balance the future against constituents with a reefer madness mentality who would kill the marijuana business in Lansing if they could. Our likely future mayor, Andy Schor, has...
Feb. 15 2017
After sitting vacant for nearly a year and a half, a prime downtown Lansing nightclub location will reopen next week as a hookah lounge. On Wednesday, owner/operator Adam Murshed will host a grand opening...
South Lansing bar closes unexpectedly after 51 years
Jan. 4 2017
“I’ve been thinking about getting out for a while, but I only made the decision last Wednesday, when the insurance was due,” Kobus said. “And in this business, you really can’t...
A guide to Lansing-area online fundraising campaigns
Dec. 21 2016
Red’s Smokehouse is working to turn its barbeque stand into a brick-and-mortar restaurant, and it’s looking to the community for help
Red's Smokehouse Burgers & BBQ / White Bros Music
Nov. 30 2016
On Saturday, Carol “Red” Smith and her wife/business partner Jackie Randall closed their two-year-old barbecue booth inside Lansing City Market to prepare for its transition to a standalone...
Sleepwalker Spirits and Ale / Tony Sacco's Coal Oven Pizza
Nov. 23 2016
REO Town continues its progression from a bleak stretch of vacant buildings into one of Lansing’s liveliest cultural and commercial districts
MSU Student turns love of bow ties into a business
Nov. 16 2016
One day in middle school, William Murphy decided that he wanted to stand out. So he came to school wearing a bow tie. Just a few years later, the 19-year-old MSU business student created his own online...
Holden-Reid Clothiers / Green Dot Stables /Zaytoon Holt
Oct. 19 2016
Now here’s a sign you don’t see that often: “Quitting Business Sale.” In an era where Internet retail is putting the hurt on independent brick-andmortar stores, you’re more...
Regulations will give big business control of Michigan’s marijuana industry
Oct. 12 2016
For decades, marijuana has been illegal, hidden in a black market and distributed clandestinely, often with criminal overtones. Now, and rapidly, it is emerging from back alleys into the daylight through...
Vacant storefronts tarnish Lansing's ‘Main Street’
Sept. 7 2016
On a map it's Washington Square, but for Lansing it's really Main Street. Look at old photos and its clear that this was where shopping and entertainment happened: Walgreen Drugs, Woolworth’s, Richman's...
Spartan Dance & Fit Center / Celebration! Cinema Lansing & Imax
Sept. 7 2016
With school back in session, parents can release a collective sigh of relief. It’s no longer solely on you to fill eight hours of daytime activities for your feisty offspring
Medpot shops would close if city ordinance passes
Aug. 10 2016
Lansing is considering a medical marijuana ordinance so sweeping in scope, so punitive in intent that it threatens to destroy the caregiver businesses that have found refuge in the city
City's proposed marijuana law would cripple dispensaries
Aug. 3 2016
Lansing has an estimated 70 marijuana-oriented businesses scattered throughout the city. In just a few months, many of them could disappear
July 20 2016
“The wayward sons and daughters of a tumultuous and glorious past, fraught with tragedy … are finally coming home to where they first began. Older, wiser, and just as reckless, we're going...
Fresh Fish & Fry / Mr. Taco / Bloom Coffee Co.
June 15 2016
Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. At least that’s the way it seems along the 3100 block of South Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, where two signs — one new and one old — made a big splash...
Whipped/Nom Nom Cupcakes/Scoops Ice Cream
June 8 2016
It’s going to be a sweet summer — the kind that gives dentists the cold sweats. Following the recent trend in Metro Lansing gourmet confectionaries that have opened in the last year —...
Business acumen isn't answer for political problems
Feb. 24 2016
To understand the appeal of Donald Trump, why some believe he is viable presidential material, I called my brother Terry
‘All My Sons’ a grim reminder of war’s toll
Jan. 13 2016
With an unstable Middle East, North Korea’s alleged H- bomb testing and the unpredictable President Putin in charge over in Russia, it’s a perfect moment for Riverwalk Theatre Co. to resurrect...
Dec. 9 2015
In June, unrelated accidental fires struck two longtime Metro Lansing businesses —first Bangkok House, a Thai restaurant just north of downtown Lansing, then Kean’s Store Co., a department...

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