Digital antennas catching on as a way to beat cable costs
March 8 2017
When Lansing resident Meegan Holland calculated her cable bill in the summer of 2015, she realized she was paying $184 a month. That’s when she understood she needed a change
City of Lansing follows through on commitment for dedicated Public Media Center
March 21 2012
And boom: Brown is broadcasting his TV show worldwide on the Internet. Just another day in the life of local public access programming. “Time Slot 2X” is the second iteration of a public access...
I don’t wanna buy tonight
Dec. 16 2009
At 10 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 17, WKAR- TV’s “Backstage Pass” will premier “A BackStage Pass Christmas,” featuring a diverse and dynamic lineup of Michigan musicians performing...
Lansing close to giving out grants for cable access, moving forward on a cable access studio
May 12 2010
Luckily, the city of Lansing is getting its Pro-Cyc wall for about $5,000 less than the retail price. Instead of buying the piece of equipment directly from Pro-Cyc, Lansing was able to scoop up a floor...

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