April 19 2017
Only a few defied the ruling — and nothing happened to them in Lansing, thanks to the progressive position of the Bernero administration. Gradually, old owners reopened and new ones came along until...
Outlets would be forced to Lansing's far ends
April 19 2017
Only a few defied the ruling — and nothing happened to them in Lansing, thanks to the progressive position of the Bernero administration. Gradually, old owners reopened and new ones came along until...
County door cracks open again on infrastructure bonds
Dec. 7 2016
A controversial proposal for Ingham County to issue millions of dollars in bonds to fund the public infrastructure for the $380 million Red Cedar Renaissance project may get new life
Tree ‘massacre’ at Red Cedar Park
March 30 2016
Sunday afternoon, I spotted a woman in a blue sweater, standing on the grass on the west edge of Red Cedar Park. The former golf course at the east side of Lansing has become a favorite dog-walking and...
Lindemann would transform Ranney Park as part of cleaning up the Red Cedar River
Feb. 24 2016
His drain plan, he said, could likely handle up to 2 inches of rain in 24 hours before pollutants would spill into the river. He’s asking the Council for easements to Ranney Park and parts of the...
City questions scope of Red Cedar pollution abatement project
Nov. 11 2015
Pat Lindemann, the Ingham County drain commissioner, readily shows a photo on his cellphone of two unsightly sewer lines on the banks of the Red Cedar River
March 25 2015
Property: 6109 S. Cedar St., Lansing Owner: Abraham Cedar Miller LLC Traveling north from Holt or I-96 along Cedar Street, motorists will be greeted by this neglected building at the corner of Miller...
Red Cedar project could transform Michigan Avenue Corridor
Nov. 12 2014
If the glamorous Red Cedar Renaissance project were open today, those frequenting the businesses or living there would be greeted by a shabby eastern gateway into Lansing. There’s a parking lot...
LEAP calls Red Cedar Hyatt announcement premature
Aug. 20 2014
Developers of the $200 million-plus Red Cedar Renaissance project are negotiating with Hyatt International for a fullservice hotel fronting Michigan Avenue. But there are enough outstanding questions...
Jeromes allege their plans for Red Cedar Renaissance were stolen by Ferguson and team, seek $1M in damages. Ferguson: ‘How can I steal something I’m not using?’ Bernero: ‘It’s a shame things devolved the way they did.’
Feb. 19 2014
The phone calls and emails stopped being returned to Leo and Chris Jerome in May 2013. The father/son team had been working for years on a grand vision to redevelop the former Red Cedar Golf Course on...
Nov. 27 2013
Property: Red Cedar Friends Meeting House, 1400 Turner St., Lansing Owner: Red Cedar Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends Assessed value: $0 During the initial stages of this building’s...
Red Cedar Renaissance project could surpass $200M, still no final sale price negotiated for former golf course land
March 19 2014
The Red Cedar Renaissance project on Lansing’s East Side just keeps getting bigger and denser. Developers and economic development officials say it could surpass $200 million in private investment...
March 20 2013
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: Gas stations are a 20th-century building typology, the epitome of single-use, car-oriented development. Although gas stations were designed with some architectural...
A closer look at alleged lack of transparency in closing Red Cedar Elementary School in East Lansing
Dec. 19 2012
Former, present and future East Lansing Board of Education members say the decision to close Red Cedar Elementary School was not only a bad idea — it was also underhanded. The vote to close Red Cedar,...
Aug. 15 2012
If City Council approves putting a new Red Cedar Golf Course proposal on November ballots, what will we get out of it? Nobody really knows
Capital Gateway project at a standstill until drain commissioner makes plans, but he says he's waiting on Bernero
Jan. 9 2013
Ingham County Drain Commissioner Pat Lindemann said the proposed Capital Gateway project at the old Red Cedar Golf Course has been delayed three or four months because Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero has yet...
Big talk boils down to a handful of options for the Red Cedar project
July 18 2012
Last week, Lansing received five proposals to develop 12.5 acres of the former Red Cedar Golf Course on the city’s eastern fringe. With sky-high hopes for regional transformation riding on the project,...
"Not your normal developers" put all their eggs in the Red Cedar Renaissance basket
Aug. 22 2012
With a host of outsized personalities involved with the redevelopment of Red Cedar Golf Course, who are the two guys who paired up with well-known developer Joel Ferguson on this ambitious, 61-acre plan...
July 18 2012
There's no financing and no developer, but there is a lot of passion. Litwiller has been thinking about the idea for two years. She proposed it to the Lansing City Council earlier this summer, but got...
Hotels interested in Capital Gateway project, Parks Board chairman more optimistic of Red Cedar Golf Course plans
Sept. 12 2012
Major hotel chains are already interested in staking their claim to the Capital Gateway project, say the developers hoping to transform dozens of acres at the former Red Cedar Golf Course

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