Herbert-Herman Cancer Center takes humanistic approach to treatment
May 24 2017
As we toured the airy atrium, a worker on a high platform was stringing dozens of wires overhead, getting ready for a hundredpiece hanging sculpture by Lansing glass artist Craig Mitchell Smith. The central...
May 17 2017
LITERATURE AND POETRY 2017 Michigan Notable Book Author Visit - Feather Brained by Bob Tarte
Wharton Center unveils pop culture-powered 35th season
April 19 2017
“Broadway has become quite a magnet, especially with the new megahits like ‘Hamilton’ that seem to come out every year. It’s becoming America’s art form,” said Mike...
Former Olympic medalist makes bid for Lansing Mayor’s Office
March 8 2017
Olympic Silver Medalist Judi Brown Clarke has signed up for what may be the run of her life. Last week she announced she’s seeking to become Lansing’s first African American and female mayor
March 8 2017
The silent auction includes art pieces donated by local artists, including paintings, ceramics and jewelry, and local businesses are contributing items like gift certificates and baskets. Community members...
Ambitious dance work takes on human trafficking, addiction and abuse
Feb. 15 2017
Human trafficking, prostitution, heroin addiction — these are not typical topics for a dance performance. But “Among the Darkest Shadows,” a cross-country multi-partner collaboration...
Feb. 1 2017
The newest addition to Lansing’s music and entertainment scene, UrbanBeat Event Center, hosts Planet D Nonet, aka PD9, one of Detroit’s top little big bands. Co-founded by bandleader RJ Spangler...
Jan. 25 2017
In spite of the very public placement of the detail below, no observers were able to identify its location as the Hannah Community Center in East Lansing. The building, constructed in 1927, served as the...
Dec. 28 2016
BOOGIE STOMP! AT THE ROBIN THEATRE Lansing piano greats Bob Baldori and Arthur Migliazza offer a dance-filled evening that traverses the history of American music from the Civil War to today, including...
Lincoln Center dispatches small army on epic Brandenburg binge
Dec. 7 2016
A six-course banquet that lightens your heart, instead of giving you acid reflux, sounds like a miracle. The Brandenburg Concertos of Johann Sebastian Bach start at miraculous and go upward from there
Oct. 26 2016
Call it the “Dancing with the Stars” Effect: Over the last 11 years, ABC’s competitive ballroom dancing show has boosted the careers of B-list celebrities, athletes and assorted Hollywood...
Oct. 5 2016
All the spooky happenings this month in Mid-Michigan
Sept. 28 2016
Six years ago, Lansing Community College, the Allen Neighborhood Center and the Ingham County Lank Bank announced they would join hands to save this home, built in 1922, and another a few doors away as...
Contradictions hobble plan to save Scott House
Sept. 7 2016
The future of a proposal to move the city-owned house at the center of the Scott Park controversy and convert it to condos is hazy at best “For the record, we have not revoked our proposal,”...
Lena Maxson — Center of the Healing Arts
June 29 2016
Lena Maxson is the first to admit that her holistic healing-based business “sounds weird.” She uses nontraditional methods based on “natural energies” and the power of touch, which...
We Love Kids N Dogs / Tinkrlab
April 20 2016
With the international maker movement in full swing, Metro Lansing tinkerers, inventors and “toy hackers” have no shortage of outlets for their creativity. Last October marked the second...
Wharton Center program offers perks to attract young professionals
April 13 2016
At the big Broadway shows, especially, Snyder saw few people her age. Most were older. It bothered her enough that she began talking to the staff at the Wharton Center about how to bring more young people...
A home for the East Lansing ceramics program
April 13 2016
The East Lansing Ceramic Arts Program needs a new home, and it's looking to the public for help. The program, which began in the mid ‘90s, was formerly located at the Bailey Community Center. When...
‘The Little Mermaid’ impresses with strong performances, elaborate costumes
March 2 2016
Much of Sunday’s matinee audience was made up of little, young people, leaving very little sitting room in the Lebowsky Center
Military themes get the spotlight in local productions
Feb. 24 2016
Even while the Iraq wars are barely in our rearview mirror and our military is still stationed in an unstable Afghanistan, this year’s crop of political candidates are rattling sabers at ISIS and...

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