517 Coffee Co. / Potter's Mill
March 29 2017
Set for completion later this spring, Potter’s Mill will be a collection of 18 small business studio spaces, with a focus on artists and makers. The space is a former warehouse at 701 E. South St.,...
The Crafted Bean / Golden Harvest
Feb. 8 2017
“I’ve got entrepreneurial disease — my brain never stops working,” Hartig deadpanned. “People have been using grass-fed butter in coffee for a little while now, but I saw...
2017 Preview
Jan. 4 2017
Looking ahead at some of the new businesses coming to Lansing in 2017, we see a trend toward upscale dining, with at least three new restaurants coming that put an emphasis on chef-driven cuisine. But...
Big Daddy's Lil Donuts / Kavana Nitro Coffee House / Ruckus Ramen
Nov. 9 2016
When Igor Jurkovic told us last week that he was shutting down Iggy’s In Convenience, his grocery store inside Lansing City Market, to concentrate on “other projects,” he wasn’t...
Oct. 19 2016
I recently discovered Cuban coffee, which is served up locally at La Cocina Cubana food truck. While different than European coffee, the spirit is the same. This is dark, rich coffee. It’s meant...
A guide to Lansing-area online fundraising campaigns
Oct. 12 2016
As it prepares for a move across the street, Strange Matter Coffee Co. is raising funds to launch a scratch bakery specializing in craft doughnuts, including vegan and gluten-free options
Aug. 10 2016
We designed the Drink, the beverage-based companion to the Dish, to highlight cocktails and mixed drinks. But then I wandered into an Old Town coffee shop and met this sweet thing
East Town / The Creole / Blue Owl Coffee Co.
July 27 2016
Lansing’s normally subdued Eastside Neighborhood was rattled by massive demolition work as two big construction projects got underway earlier this week. Concrete work began at 2101 E. Michigan Ave.,...
Cold brewing offers summer options for coffee drinkers
July 13 2016
For centuries, Americans have made coffee in more or less the same way: running boiling water through ground coffee beans. But a growing number of coffee makers and boutique coffee houses are offering...
Bloom Coffee Roasters / Fire Mountain
March 9 2016
“I fell in love with roasting and the art of coffee immediately,” he said. “The smells, the science behind roasting and brewing and the endless knowledge of an ever-evolving industry...
May 13 2015
Crowdsourcing highlights local crowdsourcing campaigns. To find the events, go to the designated website and search by title. Beacon Soccer Field patronicity.com/project/beacon_ field ...
Coffee house photo show captures everyday splendor
Nov. 5 2014
Coffee shops in the 17th and 18th century were convergences point for great minds. Scholars, scientists and other brainy types would drink coffee, debate and discuss ideas with their peers, and as such...
May 20 2015
Entrepreneurship is in full swing in the capital city. It seems like a new business opens somewhere in Greater Lansing every week lately. Restaurants. Comedy clubs. Electronics stores. Specialty clothes...
Bloom Coffee Roasters wants to bring a coffee shop to Old Town
March 11 2015
The crowdfunding campaign, hosted by Seedkicks, began on March 1 with the goal of raising $10,000 by April 15. So far, over $2,300 has been raised. Those who contribute to the Seedkicks campaign will receive...
May 21 2015
HANGOUTS Church 1. Riverview Church 2. Trinity Church (Jolly/Dunkel) 3. St. Gerard Catholic Church Coffee Shop 1. Strange Matter Coffee Co. 2. Starbucks 3. Espresso Royale...
New Lansing ‘micro-roastery’ keeps the focus on coffee beans
March 5 2014
Thursday, Mar. 5 — For some people, enjoying a fresh cup of joe is more than pressing the brew button on a coffeemaker — it’s a daily sacrament. For those who take their coffee seriously,...
March 27 2013
Food Finder listings are rotated each week based on space. If you have an update for the listings, please e-mail food@lansingcitypulse.com
June 13 2012
COFFEE JAM — Grab some classic comfort food and dessert here. The cookies are made fresh daily, but get there early because they sell out quickly. 6427 Centurion Drive, Lansing. 6:30 a.m.–...
May 8 2013
In general, coffee shops have quite the adaptive reuse history — it's an inherent part of coffee-shop DNA. In mid-Michigan alone, coffee shops occupy existing storefronts, houses and gas stations
Red Cedar Café is a peaceful oasis in East Lansing
Dec. 28 2011
Red Cedar opened earlier this year adjacent to the Brookfield Plaza, at the corner of Grand River Avenue and Hagadorn Road

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